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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive, and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 










Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) is a community-based restorative justice organisation that provides a range of services aimed at resolving and reducing conflict. Our trained practitioners are qualified to deliver a variety of programmes that assist people in identifying and addressing the issues that they are experiencing to promote positive outcomes. Services include victim support, youth mentoring, advice, and mediation. CRJI offers its programmes at no cost to participants and is accredited by the Department of Justice.


CRJI adheres to restorative justice standards that promote bringing those impacted by harm together to discuss and develop solutions to their problems. This process gives victims the chance to have their say, get answers, and move forward with their lives, and also gives offenders the opportunity to understand the impact of their behaviour, take accountability, and make amends. CRJI facilitates this experience and helps parties resolve their problems and create agreements that prevent future conflict. Throughout this process, CRJI regularly collaborates with a range of agencies and community groups, including housing associations, youth groups, counselling services, and statutory organisations.


CRJI’s safe, accredited, and confidential services are available to everyone.


CRJI delivers a range of accredited restorative justice practices and programmes that are designed to empower individuals to resolve issues that affect their quality of life. We offer mediation services, advice services, intervention services, as well as a range of other forms of support.


CRJI understands that our communities are particularly impacted by the ongoing crisis. We are continuing to provide our services to those who need them and are working to adapt our practices so that we are delivering relevant responses.


Please note that our offices are operating by appointment only at this time. View our contact page to find your office's information. Learn more about the activities we have offered during COVID-19 here.

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CRJI is passionate in their work to improve the safety and wellbeing of their community and their proactive nature make them a ‘go to’ organisation for me as a Council Officer tasked with tackling anti-social behaviour.  The team at CRJI is friendly and welcoming and is always keen to work collaboratively where necessary and recognises the benefits that working with statutory agencies can provide.

—  Belfast City Council