Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive, and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 


CRJI Resources

The Blue Book

CRJI's foundational document written by Auld, Gormally, McEvoy and Ritchie

Community-Based RJ Report

Initial evaluation and monitoring report of CRJI by Mika

RJ and the Critique of Informalism

Article on the foundation of CRJI by McEvoy and Mika

Punishment, Policing and Praxis

Article on RJ's ability to serve as alternative to punishment violence by McEvoy and Mika

Ex-Combatants, Leadership and Moral Agency

Article on the leadership skills of ex-prisoners in conflict transformation by McEvoy and Shirlow

CRJI Annual Reports

Annual reports by the organisation for each year

CRJI Training Qualification - Level 2

Specifications about CRJI training for OCN Level 2 Restorative Practice qualification

CRJI Training Qualification - Level 4

Specifications about CRJI training for SJF Level 4 Restorative Practice diploma

CRJI Training Qualification - Level 3

Specifications about CRJI training for Level 3 Working with Victims qualification

CRJI Training Qualification - Level 4

Specifications about CRJI training for Level 4 Working with Victims qualification

CRJI Video

A short film describing the experiences of CRJI clients

Film: Shot by My Neighbour

A BBC Stacey Dooley Investigates episode on paramilitary violence and CRJI's alternative path

CRJI Videos on YouTube

Additional videos about CRJI and its projects available on YouTube

Restorative Justice Resources

Restorative Justice Principles

List of restorative principles by Zehr and Mika

Defining Restorative

An overview of restorative justice by Wachtel

John Braithwaite's Works

A leader in the RJ field, Braithwaite has many helpful publications on the subject

Changing Lenses

Foundational text for RJ written by Zehr

The Little Book of Restorative Justice

A short book covering RJ basics by Zehr and Gohar

The Little Book of Conflict Transformation

A short but foundational text on conflict transformation by Lederach

International Institute of Restorative Practices

Provides an overview of restorative justice philosophy and practice

Center for Restorative Peacemaking

Based at University of Minnesota, this site provides access to RJ materials

European Forum for Restorative Justice

This international forum offers a variety of RJ resources

Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

This centre offers a wide variety of information and materials

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