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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

The elderly , Vulnerable and their pets shouldn't have to suffer from the misuse of fireworks

Residents shouldn’t have to say “sure its that time of the year again” says Gabby Conway from the North Lurgan and Drumgask Community Safety Engagement Forum. Every October the residents of North Lurgan and Drumgask are plagued by the misuse of fireworks. They are being thrown at animals, around elderly accommodation and people who are already vulnerable and in need if support. These issues are not new but nevertheless we need to start to engage with both residents and the statutory agencies to see what can be done. We call on all residents to challenge the illegal sale of these fireworks, those who profit from these sales care little for the impact they have on our communities. The Community Safety Engagement Forum will be seeking urgent meetings with the Police, Council, Housing Provides and the PCSP to see if collectively we can make an intervention. For those selling these fireworks we would ask you to stop, understand the negative impact that fireworks are having. We want to build safer healthy communities that live in harmony. The firework misuse runs completely contrary to this and only creates anti social behaviour and fear. “We wont stand by while this is the case, we stand with those whose live are being blighted through this activity” said Gabby.


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