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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Restorative Practice, all about relationships, contributing to good relations week was a natural fit

STARS Celebrates Good Relations Week

Week ending; 25.09.20

Today marks the end of Good Relations Week (Monday 14th– 21stSeptember) 2020 and what a week it was, CRJI and NIA were delighted to feature in the virtual showcase of events. The theme for 2020 is:

“Celebrating Our Journey, Embracing Our Future”

How apt… Given how this year has gone so far, we are looking to the future now, more than ever. It encourages people to pause, reflect and commemorate the peacebuilding efforts across the island.

We live in a growing, abundant, shared and multi-cultural society, which presents a multitude of opportunities to learn from a diverse range of people and individuals. The online event offered a wide range of experiences, from online lectures, workshops, storytelling, performances… to mention just a few.

It was everything it should be, diverse, interesting, educational, informative and creative, it provided examples of how communities promoted, created and sustained good relations over the past number of years. Check out the variety of events that took place, from the traditional Hungarian folk dance (by the talented Huni Folk Dance Group), to the Libraries NI hosted digital storytelling which highlighted key themes related to good relations, such as diversity, fitting in, acceptance and peace, empathy and understanding, and to the many others who starred in the series of events.

Good relations are vital, especially in a country which has been affected by conflict and violence, where division and disharmony intensifies, the need to tackle sectarianism and racism and promote cultural diversity becomes increasingly evident.

CRJI and NIA are both restorative justice advocates, good relations is at the heart of our work, listen to our practitioners talk about their experience and work practices and cite how these themes are often entwinned. Restorative practices can help individuals to address conflict appropriately, strengthen and build relationships, encourage equality and respect, promote peacebuilding and good relations. For further information, check out the live event on Youtube at: listen to the audio on podcast at:


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