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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Reach For The Stars

Updated: May 15, 2020

Striving Toward A Restorative Society Project, #STARS, facilitated their first online level 2 OCN training session this morning. Staff and participants were really encouraged by how it went. Living through the Covid – 19 Health crisis has meant,

“That we had to respond to the needs of our project in a way we hadn’t anticipated” said Leontia. We had to take a step back and,

“look at how we would deliver training that we had planned on facilitating on a face to face or group basis. We have developed our materials to ensure they are E – friendly and accessible while still retaining our core restorative messages that can be easily grasped and internalized by our participants”.

Andrea McLoughlin, Project manager says, “We feel the experience of today has strengthened our view of this and the need to develop this method of delivery even further”.

The STARS project is trying to deepen and broaden restorative practices in eight Communities in Transition areas. The embracing of restorative processes in areas such as Belfast, Newry, Bangor and Derry has laid the groundwork for further development.

Organisations such as Community Restorative Justice Ireland and Northern Ireland Alternatives have for twenty-one years been working through the use of restorative justice techniques. These two organisations are government accredited and internationally recognised for their peace building work and their development of restorative practice.

STARS seeks to build on this success as the project is a partnership effort on behalf of these two community based projects. CRJI and NIA have stood the test of time in delivering on behalf of their respective communties.

“Spreading restorative practice, techniques and values will serve all our communities well,” says Andrea. “The ultimate aim in the learning is that we can problem solve through dialogue that is based on a set of restorative values in order to create a framework that underpins inclusion, integrity and resolution that are about first and foremost, people. So as it says in our name, together, lets reach for the stars.


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