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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Let the message be heard, communities want safety and an end to drug dealing

Over recent weeks we have been supporting the campaign run by The North Lurgan and Drumgask Community Safety Engagement Forum (C.S.E.F.). The media campaign has been fronted using traditional advertising methods underpinned by social media platforms such as Face Book and Twitter. Along side this has been a number of small video clips outlining some of the issues and more importantly putting a local face to what are local issues impacting on the ground in those communities.

We have received great feedback about the work of the forum, there is genuine buy in from across the range of stakeholders who are committed to building community safety structures that can respond to whatever issue presents.

We have community involvement from a host of resident groups and organisations plus the statutory agencies that delivery services in the area have been proactive in engaging. There has also been support from mental health service, addiction provision and sporting organisations, while local political representatives have also been lending their voices to campaign.

There is much to be done not least in building the relationships that can deliver success in this area of work. CRJI believes these relationships are the building blocks to moving forward for no one agency will resolve the many issues communities experience in relation crime and anti social behaviour. However by building working partnerships based on respect and equality we can begin to make an impact. The key too much of this is developing empowered communities that can be heard and supported to deliver change within their own areas, we look forward to this becoming a reality and the first steps in the journey have now already been taken. Folks its time to build……


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