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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Insight into Restorative Justice -"Striving Towards A Restorative Society" AKA, Stars Project

Three of the leading figures in restorative justice in Ireland explain the origins, applications and desired outcomes of the methodology. Community Restorative Justice Ireland Director, Harry Maguire introduces the topic and shares his personal experience, followed by a 1-1 with Debbie Watters (Director, Northern Ireland Alternatives), detailing the programmes she has worked with and how she became involved with restorative practices. The panel is completed by Kieran McEvoy PhD Professor of Law and Transitional Justice, Senior Research Fellow, who shares his vision for a restorative society.

'This is part of the STARS -Striving Towards A Restorative society project which is funded by TEO and supported by Co-operation Ireland' This will premiere on our YouTube page at 3pm today as part of the Féile an Phobail Community Arts Festival. To watch please click on the link below --


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