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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Give a Child a meal, feed them for a day, teach them to cook, well have a read....

Ready, Steady, Cook!

CRJI’s family support service (which is accessible via a referral from the family support hub) seeks to provide practical support to tier two families, we aim to prevent family breakdown, we work with families to parent restoratively so that they learn to effectively resolve conflict.

Life during Covid-19 has meant that we have been delivering support virtually and where possible meeting whilst adhering to social distancing measures. We have been finding creative ways to engage and support our amazing families, last week we created a challenge for our families to whip up a nutritious cost-effect meal together… Ready, Steady, Cook!

CRJI provided doorstep packages with the following ingredients under £5:

· Fusilli Pasta

· Tomatoes

· Block of cheese

· 2 carrots

· 2 onions

· Mushrooms

· (And a heavy dollop of teamwork!)

This activity promoted family time, life skills, learning, creativity and teamworking and our families, got stuck in!

CRJI’s family support worker, Jackie, said “This incentive was to help children develop practical skills such as researching or following a recipe and planning a meal, using kitchen utensils, mixing various ingredients and using a hob, oven or microwave. Supervision is still key due to the number of hazards within the kitchen, but it is a great opportunity for families to spend time together, for parents to show healthy cooking habits, which don’t have to break the bank. Cooking can be a pleasure for people of all ages… and eating together is great as it gives families the chance to sit down and talk”.

A big thanks to everyone who took part and check out our winners who were happy to share some photos of their masterpiece meal!


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