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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Falls Office Case Study

CRJI Falls Office received a call on Sunday morning with a resident reporting a suspicious device outside of his home. The resident had found what appeared to be a pipe bomb near his entryway and was especially concerned because he had young children in the house.

CRJI Staff phoned the PSNI to make them aware of the situation. CRJI Falls Coordinator also immediately went out to the house to check on the residents and offer CRJI services and support. The staff member arrived at the home and observed the pipe bomb, and began to help the resident get the children out of the home and to a safe location.

The PSNI arrived at the scene shortly after and closed down the area for safety. The police believed that the device posed a credible threat and the bomb squad was called. The ATO arrived and disposed of the device.  

Throughout this situation, CRJI continued to liaise between the resident and the police to update the family. Our MACS worker was also in contact with the local housing association and residents in the area to let them know about the situation and offer support.

The resident was able to later return to his home, as it was determined there was no other threat. CRJI continued to offer assistance and support to the individual and his family. The individual thanked CRJI for its assistance with the situation.