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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

“CRJI - Training For The Future”,one of the keys is collaboration....

“Providing a range of training and development programmes for employees and volunteers is one of the most important investments an organisation makes. Whether it be training new staff or broadening the knowledge base of experienced employees, these programmes are vital in terms of building capacity and improving skill sets.

CRJI is an organisation which is committed to continuous improvement and makes training and development activities available to all employees.

Last week I joined my colleagues from Belfast, Lurgan and Derry to attend a two day training course in Dublin. The training was centred around Restorative Practices (RP) and was being delivered by the RP Training and Consultancy department of the Childhood Development Initiative (CDI).

Amongst other things, CDI offers bespoke training for organisations that is designed to meet particular organisational needs – and they did not disappoint.

Our facilitator was the wonderful Claire Casey who throughout the two days demonstrated her enthusiasm and passion for all things restorative.

In a truly interactive two day session we discussed and debated restorative; values, language, conversations and meetings.

We were bamboozled by the ‘Snowflake’ exercise and marvelled at the magic of the ‘Helium Stick’ (to this day I still can’t explain what happened here)

One of the big takeaways for the group was without doubt the ‘Problem Solving Fishbowl Circle’ watch out for outbreaks of this in Belfast, Lurgan and Derry.

A word of acknowledgement for my colleagues, some of whom I had never met before and some who have only been with CRJI for a matter of days. The respect for the process and commitment to the programme was absolute. We worked in partnership and synergised as a team. CRJI is in a good place with such talented people on board, thanks for your input and friendship.

Finally what was my takeaway?

It was simple quote. We were debating the word ‘neutral’ in the context of a restorative conversation when Claire said: “We are not neutral, we are on everyone’s side”

Thanks Claire, simple but powerful.


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