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Founded in 1998, CRJI aspires to build a tolerant, responsive and inclusive community by providing restorative justice services to local areas. 

Community safety is as much about Health as it is about crime

Community safety is a complex topic because it is so broad and varied with many different views on how it should be developed and implemented. Whats is undeniable around community safety is that a safe community will engender a healthy atmosphere where community members can grow and develop. The opposite is also true, where people feel unsafe their health both physically and mentally is at risk of suffering life limiting chronic illness.

So we understand that safety can be a huge issue when we talk about the health and wellbeing aspect of it. Crime and ASB will have consequences much broader than the individual victims that are left in the wake of the perpetrators. The community as a whole is watching and asking "will i be next". This in turn creates a mindset that can become a part of accepting that this is "the way it is".

We must work against that type of thought, we must work to create a different culture of "we can make a difference" we can and we will. This of-course is not easy but being honest things that are worthwhile doing rarely are. Together and by engaging with wider society we can develop a community safety approach that works on behalf of the communities that are so desperately in need.

The work and relationship between statutory agencies and our community is also vital, this relationship in many ways is crucial if we are to build effective responses to crime and anti social behaviour. This relationship in our view must be sited on the right ground with foundations that are both respectful to all and at the core of the relationship has the right ethos of partnership and delivery. Remember this as we go forward, at the end of the day it must be about delivery for that is how we will be all viewed. From the Community Safety Engagement Forum perspective we agree with this, our communities depend on this and not just around crime but also its very health and wellbeing, we all have a roll to play, we will do ours.


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